A look into the past month

It has been just over a month now living and studying at university, a great experience so far. Work, work, work (with fun and relaxation intertwined between the work!) Tomorrow is the deadline for the first unit, Interiors a State of Mind, it has been quite a rush with only about three weeks to come up with 12 final B&W analogue prints and a self-assessment form (which I always find hard to complete.) It has been quite a leap from A-level, as I am now starting to leave my comfort zone and chucking myself into self-directed shoots with models and flash guns! I am loving the challenge and the experimentation I am embarking on. I am also now a student rep for BA photography, which involves getting feedback from my fellow BA photographers about the positives and negatives.

As well as the work, I have been kept occupied by the clubs and societies I have joined. The bike club is keeping me fit, as well as exploring new places in the area. The exploration society I am heavily involved with, planning trips abroad to places like Palau, and am on the committee as one of their photographers. In addition, I have kept up with tradition and am still involved with the scouts, as a networker. This involves weekly meet ups, where we have fun!

I am very glad to say that some weekends are used for photoshoots, either for myself or externally. One shoot I did last week was with the Falmouth RFC at a ruby match: http://www.falmouthrugbyclub.co.uk/photos/pz-amateurs-v-falmouth-eagles-197026.html.

Yesterday I was on a commission to photograph a masquerade ball at the Olive Grove, Truro, Cornwall. This was a fantastic opportunity, as I could feel in myself that this is very professional; the smart clothing, turning up in a taxi with my bag of camera equipment and tripod strapped to it. Using a setup of my DSLR, flash gun, tripod, and light meter was the business. I loved every minute of the experience but felt slightly bad blinding the guests with the flash gun!

So all in all, the ‘university experience’ is having a great effect on me, from the lows to the highs.

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  1. Khorshed BhoteOctober 30, 2011 at 22:39 #

    Gosh, you’ve been really busy. Glad you are enjoying every minute of it.

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