Pinhole Photography

I am in the process of researching the history of Pinhole photography. It all started when Chinese writers discovered that light travels in straight lines. After this discovery, a Chinese philosopher called Mo Ti was the first person ever to record the formation of an inverted image using a screen. This was done back in the 5th century BC. I have also been sketching ideas in my sketchbook of different ideas on what I can use to create my pinhole camera. Previously, I used an old beer can which I made light tight using black gaffa tape and black card. This worked well, however, the size of the pinhole was too large to record a clear or vaguely familiar looking object. In the thought process I wondered whether something like a wheelie bin may work? This would have approximately three pinholes in a straight line to create multiple exposures which may give a ghost-like effect. Another idea is to have a round biscuit tin which has a few pinholes all around the tin accompanied with a light sensitive strip which would take a 360 panoramic exposure.

I will let you know how the project advances.

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