Week of pinholes

The week of pinhole photography has now drawn to a close. It was five days of amazing fun, thanks to the very talented and incredibly fascinating professional pinhole photographer, Justin Quinnell. We started the week making our own pinholes, and going in and out of the darkroom taking and developing. Towards the middle of the week, Justin showed us his work and the various cameras he has used to take his images. He even invented the 110 ‘SmileyCam’, which is a pinhole camera that uses 110 film and fits in your mouth! This means he takes pinhole shots using his teeth and mouth to frame the subject.

I took many images using three pinhole cameras I made. One was from the standard beer can, the other was using a toilet roll tube and the other (which was great fun) was using my DSLR. All I needed was a piece of alumium with the pinhole, and tape to stick it in front of the sensor. Images can be viewed on my Flickr page.

Towards the end of the week I had many sheets of pinhole shots, some which went straight in the bin, but some that turned out pretty well. As the photos developed in a negative format, I figured out that I can use my iPhone to turn the camera into a negative format, this, in turn, meant I could point the negative camera to the negative print which makes it positive.

By the end, all BA students had displayed their work and we had a little exhibition, viewing and commenting on each other’s work. This was great fun, and very useful.

The images attached to the post are a few examples of my pinhole shots. The developed images were photographed as a negative, but using Photoshop’s ‘invert’ tool, meant the prints were actually now viewed as a ‘positive’.

For more info on Justin Quinnell, visit: http://www.pinholephotography.org/

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  1. Khorshed BhoteOctober 13, 2011 at 07:45 #

    This sounds very interesting. Are you likely to do more experimenting with pin-holes? Looking forward to the results.

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