Busy week of digital inductions

The new project (objects) is now well underway. Moving from portraits and working with models on B&W film, to working with lifeless objects on digital colour. A complete opposite of the spectrum, you could say. The move from analogue to digital is never easy, I had to adjust myself to working with my DSLR, remembering that I didn’t have a winder to wind the film to the next slide! I am really enjoying my new project. The brief is all to do with objects, which I prefer, and my idea is to put everyday objects in unfamiliar surroundings, either found or staged.

This is just one part of the course, though. Besides the project moving along, are the four inductions I had this week. All of the inductions were digitally based and involved scanning, workflow, colour correction, colour management and calibration of screens and printers. And of course, this cannot all be done without the wonder that is Creative Suite by Adobe. We mainly focused on using Photoshop CS5. The inductions were extremely useful and fascinating, it just shows how much more there is with technology then we think.

One induction was focused on scanning film; 35mm, 120, and flatbed scanning. The Nikon Coolscan is a film scanner only, where as the Epson flatbed scanner also does flat art scans. Colour correction focused on how we look out for chromatic aberration, which is type of distortion where the lens fails to focus on all colours at the same convergence point. We also learned about the colour spectrum, in association with sRGB and aRGB, where the most colours are picked up, it was found that Adobe RGB picks out more green in the spectrum than Standard RGB, which picks less colour tones from the spectrum.

The workflow induction was all about how we set out images, and the metadata that partners with our images. We learned the exact setting to use when editing photographs to printing them. We also learned about working in a non-destructive way with our work. I.e creating new layers and soft-proofing before printing. We also learned about copyright and embedding the artist’s information into each image when publishing them.

Some test shots are attached to check out my ideas for my new project.

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