RGS Explore 2011

I had a great weekend spent back in London, but not to visit friends and family, but to attend Explore 2011 at the Royal Geographic Society. This is a weekend where people who are interested in expeditions and treks locally or abroad come together and spend the weekend attending lectures and talks by fully experienced explorers. I went along with the universities’ Expedition Society and we obtained a lot of inspiration and knowledge on how to get our own expeditions going and what we need to do to make a successful trip. As a society we have many ideas of expeditions we want to go on. The main one being Palau, which is a cluster of islands in the North Pacific Ocean. As well as picking up this knowledge, we came across a famous face, Michael Palin, nonetheless, who is actually the President of the society. We had a brief chat with him and got our photo taken with him, this was a marvelous experience. I recommend RGS Explore to anyone who loves traveling to all sorts of places.

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