Last week at uni

Well, this is it. Eleven weeks since I left home and now I am a week away to returning back home for Christmas holidays. I am very excited to go back and catch up with friends and family. It should be a good month of having fun, good (home cooked) food and also work.

The second project (objects) is due on Monday and I am nearly ready to hand it in. It was a fun project to work with and I came up with some good ideas, in the end. One project hasn’t even finished and today we were given our Christmas project which is self portraiture, something I have been dreading; because, as photographers, we normally hate ourselves being in front of the lens, rather behind it. Therefore this new project will challenge me to portray myself in a variety of ways and will also test out my self-timer function!

More good news is the first essay I handed in I got a 2.1 which I was thrilled about, my essay discussed what a photograph is and relating the thoughts to theorist’s books such as Graham Clarke, The Photograph.

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  1. khorshedbDecember 2, 2011 at 18:51 #

    Can’t imagine it has been that long! What a lot you’ve done already. We are looking forward to having you home and watch you having fun doing your new project.

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