What’s next…?

Now that the studio project is over we have been assigned two different projects to complete over the next few months. The first project is entitled ‘SDA 1’ which stands for Self Directed Assignment. As the name suggests, this is a chance for us to come up with our own project, a taste of what years two and three will be like. The other project that runs alongside that is the music brief. This is a collaborative project where a group of around five of us work together with a band from BA Popular Music and we are in charge to producing album covers, posters for gigs, etc. This is part of the professional practice to help us when it comes to commissions, freelance work in the future. Both projects should be fun and quite tough!

Next month I will also be part of the National Trust project where a group pf us from BA Photography go to visit a few primary schools in St. Just, Cornwall and teach them the basics of photography. This will include pinhole photography and the use of basic digital compact cameras. I am very much looking forward to this opportunity as I love working with kids, being a Cub Scout leader.

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