Photographing London

Happy (late) Easter everyone! Sorry about my blogging absence over the past month.

I am very nearly at the end of my Easter break from uni and cannot believe that I have one term left till the end of year one at UCF. I’ve had a great break catching up with friends and family back in my home city and look forward to the summer time! As per usual, I was working on my photography project (SDA) and for it I decided to do a journey through a landscape, capturing the ins and outs of one place over a few days. I used the Grand Union Canal for this, walking in the direction of modern Paddington Basin and busy Camden Town, and industrial Acton/ Brent in the other direction. I had great fun shooting it all in 120 colour film with the lovely Bronica ETRSi and also enjoyed having my mother as meter-maid, metering the light levels, thanks mum!

As I was photographing I was still very surprised and shocked about how many people are so camera shy when it comes to a photographer going about their business taking photos, and this ‘fear’ is possibly enhanced when you are using more professional looking kit, or maybe it was due to me wearing my school leavers’ hoodie?! I, personally, blame the media for over- enhancing the fact that photographers tend to be used as a negative depiction on people/ things. I do not see people shying away from CCTV cameras all over the place or Google Street View imaging. On the other hand, it makes my day when you can go up to a person and ask for them to be photographed and they say ‘yes’ with a smile. We, unfortunately, live in a world now when people are never sure of things and can get very paranoid and insecure. I would be interested to hear the views of all you photographers out there, and how people react to you, with the lens?

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  1. khorshedbApril 18, 2012 at 19:21 #

    I agree, though thankfully these paranoid people are not as many as the ones who are happy to pose. Just as well for photographers!

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