A couple of exhibitions at University College Falmouth

Over the past two weeks, I have been involved in a couple of exhibitions which have taken place in our very own gallery space at University College Falmouth. The first exhibition was a display of pinhole and digital images from the National Trust Project I took part in, in March. It was a morning where most of the kids from the three schools we worked with came for the private viewing to look around and spot their familiar faces! Free pasties and drinks were provided and it put another big smile on my face to see the kids appreciate their own hard work over that week. Additionally, here is the article talking about the NT Project with pinhole photographer, Justin Quinnell. Courtesy of Lomography.com

The second exhibition was installed just yesterday at the Performance Centre, UCF. It was showing the group and individual work we did as part of the ongoing music project with the music students. It has filled the whole hallway space with some incredible work. My group decided to exhibit as a group, so we chose a couple of our best images to include. They were both printed on white foamboard at 8×12 and 8×8.

Helping to hang images and being part of such amazing exhibitions has generated a great skill for me to learn all about curation and getting each image up in perfect sequence, while judging which image looks best next to the other.

Here are a few images from both exhibitions…

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  1. khorshedbMay 10, 2012 at 21:43 #

    Excellent work. You are right about the skills set you are developing as a result of these exhibitions.

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