Busy Last Term…

I am now well into my last term of year 1 and it’s a busy one. At the moment juggling four projects plus a critical evaluation of my SDA. This term started off with large format inductions, being taught the ins and outs of a 5×4 camera. They are amazing inventions and you can do some much with them. The best bit for me is the quality, having a 4×5 negative means the clarity of each image beats 120 and 35mm film, by far! We have used them in three key situations, for portraiture, architecture and landscapes. I have to say I wouldn’t use them to shoot people, because the whole process is very slow, and it is vital that your model doesn’t move because the kit lens on large format cameras is 105mm and the focusing is therefore very sensitive! My main purpose to using large format cameras would be for landscapes. This is because the quality is so good and with a landscape you can take as long as you want.

In addition, to the 5×4 project, I am currently undertaking a strangers project. This means we have to work only with strangers in any way we like. I had my first trial run last week and it was very successful! I decided to approach people that fascinated me and to introduce myself and ask them what their best and worst quality is, a real head- scratcher when put on the spot! I also video recorded them to capture their key reactions and their answers. I then asked if I could photograph them, I have to say most people were very happy to take part in this project, so I was thrilled and very excited to approach the next person.

Here are a few examples from the 5×4 and strangers projects. Enjoy!

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