Summer is officially here!

Well, that’s term 3, the final term of year one over and done with. I had my feedback tutorial last week with my tutors and am pleased to report I passed all aspects of the course modules for year 1! This means that I am clear to move into year two and have nothing to redo over the holiday. Speaking of holiday, I am now in the process of moving out of halls of residence here at Glasney Village, UCF. I cannot believe one year has passed, it has gone very fast. Looking around my room now brings back déjà vu of when I first moved in last September.

I can truly say I have had an incredible year, many new experiences experienced, and I have achieved a lot as well as making great new friends. Having volunteered in a local brewery to working with young kids near the coast, I have made sure I nourish myself in as many experiences as possible.

I now look forward to the summer holiday, being at uni, it will be a nice four month break! I do not plan on going abroad, but continue to work on my photography and visit friends and family.

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  1. khorshedbJune 1, 2012 at 18:47 #

    And I am keen and ready for more walkabouts as your meter-maid!!

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