Dull weather and it’s time to go back!

Well, my summer holiday is nearly over and the summer weather is definitely over. I have had a great summer break (all 4 months of it!) and have enjoyed mainly working at Watts & Co., my first ‘9-5’ job and have met some interesting people within this religious environment. I look forward to returning in December for the Christmas break. As well as work, I have enjoyed spending even more time with family and friends and getting away for the odd week.

I now look forward to going back to uni to start year 2 where this year will count towards the final degree mark. I also look forward to living off campus with close friends and gaining even more experiences from possible opportunities.

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One Response to “Dull weather and it’s time to go back!”

  1. Khorshed BhoteSeptember 23, 2012 at 20:23 #

    And we all wish you success. We will miss you.

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