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So I am now well into term 1 and the end is in sight with less than a month till Christmas holidays. The studio set project was a big success and the designing, building, lighting, photographing and dismantling of the set was all done over just 3 days. Long hours in the studio, but was great fun. This is the final image we decided to go with and shows a puppet workshop, taken from one of my group member’s idea. All props were sourced locally and most of the stuff we managed to borrow. The final shot was taken on a 31 megapixel Hasselblad H3Dll.

Puppet workshop








My SDA project is also going very well, after many shoots at Chyan and many crits, I am starting to create a final series of images which are due in very soon. I have really enjoyed this project and have met some amazing people in an amazing surrounding. Over the period I have felt part of this enriching community spirit, the stories I’ve heard and the sights I’ve seen prove to show such a community who live so simply, yet enjoy life so greatly. For the final set, I plan on printing approximately 10 images in 8×10 size. This will suit the project. Here are just a few of my possible finals (all shot digitally):

Chilling after lunch

Portrait at home

Sit around the fire

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  1. khorshedbNovember 18, 2012 at 06:50 #

    Looks like you’ve had a successful fist term. You are certainly having some interesting experiences. Good luck with the projects.

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