NYC 2012

Recently I got back from a six day trip to New York with a few people from my course. It was a trip mainly to visit some of New York’s best galleries such as the MET and MoMA and to visit a couple of photographers who live in NY to privately see their work in their homes. We had a lot of free time during the trip which was filled in with shopping, sightseeing and generally exploring parts of NY, mainly Manhattan. We stayed in Hotel Pennsylvania situated right in the heart of Manhattan opposite Madison Square Stadium.

Even tough it was such a short trip we did quite a lot. Going back to the USA after many years I forgot how massive their portions were! Three meals a day turned into just about two, with their famous pancakes for breakfast and diners for dinner. One night when I met up with my aunt, uncle and cousin, we went to a nice diner upstate from Manhattan where I had a double cheeseburger. No, not two burgers in a bun, but two separate burgers filled with cheese and garnished with chips and salad. It’s safe to say we ate well whilst there and overall had a great time…

To the right of this post are some images I took via Flickr… Enjoy!

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