Year 2, Term 2

So after a great Christmas holiday, I am back into the swing of things at uni. This month I am primarily working on my SDA 2, which this time is a purely digital brief. Incorporating manipulation, construction, etc. on Photoshop.  I am still doing my research but am starting to trial ideas. The idea of working with landscape and still life fascinates me and I haven’t done much still life in the past. I want to tackle my identity in this project. With parents born in India and myself being born and brought up in the UK, I was always, and still slightly am, confused about what to tell people when they ask me where I am from. I want to work in a constrained almost claustrophobic space with my work, taking inspiration from Marc Yankus’s collage series.

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  1. Khorshed BhoteJanuary 10, 2013 at 20:31 #

    Sounds very interesting. Looking forward to seeing your pics. Good luck.

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