European road trip 2013

I just got back from an amazing road trip around Central Europe. Whilst on holiday I took many thousands of photos on digital, film and on my phone. It took a while to even go through a marginal amount of them! You can see some taster photos on Flickr. During the trip I was constantly using my iPad Mini to use the web and also use an amazing app called Day One, which is essentially a diary/ journal you can use to record daily events. The layout of it is impeccable as well as the versatility of the app. I kept a daily diary of the different things we did as well as the places we visited and I was able to locate where I was writing from as well as the current weather. The app is very intuitive by creating a great layout with images I inserted and listing each day as a separate event. It also automatically carried out a sync via iCloud to all my iOS devices.

The only downside I am now facing is sharing the diary entries. It allows me to convert the whole thing to PDF and email it, but that has failed, possibly due to the size (with images). Integration with any social sites is limited and to get it on my laptop I would have to purchase the app again for Mac.

Eventually, I split the entries into sets of about 6 days and emailed them separately. It was a bit of a faff but was the only way to get the entries on my Mac.

You can see my entries at the three links below: Enjoy!

Day One (11-16th) Day One (17-24th) Day One (25-30th)

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  1. khorshedbSeptember 7, 2013 at 16:24 #

    It’s a week now since we returned from this wonderful holiday. Reading your daily blogs brought back all the lovely memories. Thanks, Sorab.

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