Building new website

Now that I am a third and final year student, and not long till I graduate, I thought it was time to get a website. It is quite a demanding process, you have to get things precise and never forget that your audience potentially consists of millions upon million of people! I decided to use to create my site. Because I’ve been with their blogging service for a couple of years, I was most comfortable with them. The actual setting up and starting off is fairly simple, it is like building up a blog (like this one) but you get a few more bells and whistles like plugins and better theme options. The hard bit is choosing what to put on the site, but because I built it alone I can choose when and how I want to update the content.

I still aim to use this blog to write about upcoming projects and stuff like that, but most end photos will appear on the new website. I will attach a URL once it has been finished.

Quite exciting stuff!

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  1. khorshedbOctober 19, 2013 at 22:52 #

    Good luck!

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