Writing an undergraduate dissertation

So my final dissertation was printed, bound and submitted today! That is it, after 7 months in the process it is over fairly quickly. I have never been a keen reader or writer, it is fair to say I haven’t read many books or written many papers. The dissertation is the longest piece of writing I have ever done! However, as I’ve grown older I seem to enjoy reading and writing a lot more. From reading mostly non fiction books to writing these blog posts, it has really helped me to write more academically and I must admit, I did enjoy researching and writing for the dissertation. It was my own work, I wrote about something that fascinates me.

The final title of the essay was: An Investigation of the Picturesque in Relation to Lee Friedlander’s Aesthetic. 

So here I looked at elements of quite an outdated theory of the picturesque, what it meant to artists nowadays and the general association with it. But the main body of the essay was discussing the works of Lee Friedlander, one of the most well known contemporary American photographers. I discussed his aesthetic and tried to compare and contrast them with ideas around the picturesque theory, eventually concluding that this was not possible because Friedlander had in fact pioneered his own aesthetic which did not conform to ideas of the 17th century theory. 

I look forward to seeing how well I did, but now it is time to leave that aside (for now) and concentrate more on my practical projects! 


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