I was born and brought up in London, England where I studied A-level Photography and Graphic Design. My love for photography grew when, at the age of six, I used to play with my grandmother’s auto 35mm camera. I was fascinated that somehow I could take a photo but could not see the result till the film was developed. But when I did see the end results, I was always happy, my take on the world in the form of an image. I was never good at painting or drawing so photography was a way for me to express what excited me. A few years later, for my 13th birthday I was given a Nikon E4300 compact digital, which broadened my options for what I could shoot and instantly enjoy.

I primarily work using digital methods, but also use film from time to time to explore those more traditional processes and outcomes.

I have a Bachelor of Art degree in Photography from Falmouth University in Cornwall. I enjoy producing new work and undertaking new projects, from social documentary in the landscape to working digitally with image manipulation.

I strongly believe that the camera is not a mere tool but a companion. It doesn’t just produce images, but it creates excitement, emotion and memories.