Elements of Photography

For this project (April – June 2013) I decided to take a step back and think about photography, what it is for me and how it makes me feel. Two very hard questions with no definitive answer. I then started to think about the characteristics that make a traditional photograph and photograph. I have always been keen on using colour digital photography, using vibrant colours and playing with lines and shape, the building blocks of a photograph. I read a lot of theory by Liz Wells and Graham Clarke about colour theories and landscape, as well as looking at artists such as Peter Fraser and William Eggleston. Throughout the duration of the project I went on long walks, building a vast image bank to work with and to see where the project was heading and what was more effective and what wasn’t. As an image maker I tend to go on long walks with my camera at the start of a project to try and obtain ideas about what I can come up with.

The final set of 12 images, to me, demonstrates the characteristics of a photograph. I wouldn’t say they exist to mean one thing, that is up to the viewer to decide (or not). They show vibrant colour as well as play with a mixture of shape, line and tone. You may notice one image is black and white, this was to aid the power of the colour in the other images and to create a break for the eye to view something more subdued.

They were printed on standard gloss paper at 12×16 to really enhance the detail and saturation of each image.