Identity Project

This project was a digital manipulation SDA (Self Directed Assignment) which was undertaken between January and March 2013. It looks into my identity as an individual, and questions and challenges the various landscapes that I could be associated with. My parents were born in India, whereas my two older sisters and I were born and brought up in London, and now I live in Cornwall. As a child when my friends used to ask me where I was from, I never really knew what to say, India or England? For sure, I have Indian blood but I felt English and it was always challenging when people didn’t believe that I had Indian or Persian ancestry with my pale skin colour.

The end series was based around my passport, the one document which is a gateway to step on any landscape. I felt it was fitting to also superimpose myself in various scenes, such as looking through a tunnel or catching a scarf thrown by my mother (with inspiration taken from the poem Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi). The final six images were presented in a circular shape to represent the cycles within life, and the idea of transportation; one never knows where one might end up. It was presented on an A2 sheet of Hahnemühle Fine Art paper, a German cotton based paper with a textured yellow matt finish and mounted on 2mm mount board.