The Hidden Familiar

The Hidden Familiar project started in January and ended in May 2014. It took some inspiration from the Lost Industries project I completed prior to this. It is still looking at industry but on the other end of the scale; the more modern industry which is taking over the most rural of landscapes around Cornwall and the possible effects it is having on our landscape.

The Hidden Familiar includes things within the scene which do not conform with a traditional picturesque scene. However, they cannot be excluded from the image because of their constant presence in today’s society. Hidden somewhere within the frame are these manmade elements; buildings, shops, litter and the empty land presented around them act as an archive before they are inevitably built upon and turned into money.

The images look at portraying the empty land but somewhere within the image there is an obscurity which makes viewers look twice and question what they are looking at and more importantly why it is there and the realisation of the immunity we have that these large buildings or small refuse are a norm.


  1. Main print for The Hidden Familiar | Sorab Bhote - May 9, 2014

    […] I just took delivery of this lovely framed image as part of The Hidden Familiar project which has now come to an end. It is an A0 frame with mount and mount board at the back. I am […]