The Lost Industries

This is an ongoing project started in October 2013 dealing with the lost industries of Cornwall. From mining to China Clay to telecommunications, I explore various landscapes to find clues of what remains of these dead or dying industries.

The aim of this project is to simply make people aware of what a strong industrial past this county has had. The fact that mining is so strong in other parts of the world like South America and Australia meant that by the 1970’s many miners left Cornwall, along with their Cornish invented mining tools for chance of succeeding. It is incredible to think that a lot of skill and technique from this county in the corner was passed down to the local miners of these countries today, including of course Cornish pasties!

In many respects the project is also for my own personal undertaking, it forms a great excuse to visit and explore parts of this fascinating and varied landscape before I leave it. The fact that I can make the images count for something special is a bonus, a homage to our hard working ancestors.


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